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With over 20 years of experience in the music publishing business, we are well equipped to advise, consult, administer, license, research, register songs, and pitch your music to film and television supervisors. Because we also handle music clearances, we are on top of what is happening in the production world and we are therefore able to slip your songs in the hands of music supervisors quite easily. Our strong network of subpublishers overseas provides us with additional support and collections of royalties around the world. We offer three (3) year administration deals at a 15% commission. 





We handle all types of music clearances and licensing such as film, tv, video games, art installations, live stage productions, dance productions, album compilations, websites, commercials (tv and internet), classical

music works incorporating written poems or other texts.



Our clearance fee per song is $1,300  and is broken down as follows:​

  • $325 to reach out to publisher(s) for clearance of the SONG plus

  • $325 to reach out to label (including any side artists and sample owners) for clearance of the MASTER RECORDING

  • $650 to close with licensing with all labels and publishers


Our fees for projects with multiple song/master clearances:

  • flat fee based on number of songs in project and extent of consultation, research, and deal negotiations

Clients and projects:

Laura Karpman, grammy winning composer of "Ask Your Mama" a

symphonic, spoken word, and operatic work based on the 1961 poem written by Langston Hughes

Bill Holab, music publisher

MusicAlive! educational high school classroom music magazine 

Marigny Opera House, New Orleans dance and music venue


John Byrne Cooke, author


Bremner Duthie, theatre artist

The Philadelphia Orchestra

RPM Group, Pepsi-Cola and Mountain Dew advertisements


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), installations online and in gallery

Sotheby's, promotions

Live Alliance, concert streaming

Hamilton's America, documentary PBS film


In early 2010, Deborah Evans and Deborah Mannis-Gardner met face-to-face

after years of working together via email and telephone.

They connected instantly. Both Deborahs have a similar vision, work ethic, knowledge and experience, and together

they knew that a publishing and clearance partnership would not only serve their individual music companies well, but would also be afirst rate resource for songwriters who needed solid, hands on, proactive administration, promotion, and clearances.

DMG and Della Music jointly administer the catalogues of Reggie Noble and Erick Sermon, among other writers, and Della Music often assists with music clearance projects which are the focus of DMG Clearances Inc.

Together they reach out almost daily to new songwriters as well as seasoned composers who are looking for a

smaller independent publisher whose primary focus is on the songwriter – not on the income that the songwriter brings in.

The songwriter is our #1 priority and every songwriter receives our full attention, no matter what the issue.

Please visit for more information and for DMG fees.

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Administration & Consulting



We also provide all types of hourly rate administrative services

for labels, publishers, and attorneys such as:

  • royalty processing

  • contract review 

  • consulting

  • licensing

  • copyright work

Helene Blue Musique Ltd.

Founded in 1995, Helene Blue Musique is a full-service independent music publishing company, catering to all aspects of the entertainment industry. Clients include:

Seasoned Composers: Rod McKuen, Paul Winter, Harold Rome, Jim Wann, Woody Harris, and Ira Antelis

Jazz Greats: Oscar Peterson, Stan Getz, Chico O’Farrill, Coleman Hawkins, Earl Hines, Yusef Lateef

Emerging Composers: Barry Ennis, Ned Ginsburg, Phil Gammage, Michael Gurley

 Licensing Clients: The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, 101 Productions, ABC Television and The Franklin Mint

Helene Blue is the



General Administration and Consulting Fees: $75 per hour


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Deborah Evans began working in the music publishing business in 1998 for Beebe Bourne at Bourne Co. (“Me and My Shadow,” “Here’s That Rainy Day,” “Unforgettable,” “When You Wish Upon a Star.”) She later joined The Harry Fox Agency, working in both the synchronization and the mechanical licensing departments. In 2002, she moved to Helene Blue Musique Ltd. as Director of Copyright and Licensing. Deborah later became Director of Publishing for Stray Dog Music.

As of August 2007, she is an independent music publisher under the name Della Music Publishing LLC, representing artists and songwriters mainly in the hip-hop genre.

In 2009, Deborah Mannis-Gardner and DMG Clearances came into her life and since then, the fascinating and challenging world of clearing music for synchronization and syndication became incorporated into her workday.

Deborah holds a Master’s Degree in Harpsichord Performance from Montclair State University and also spent many years teaching piano, playing for dance classes, and performing. She resides in New Orleans with her husband Joe and daughter Gianna.




Deborah Ann Evans

640 Lizardi Street

New Orleans, La. 70117


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